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Has anyone who is a leader in cubscouts and have a child in Scouts tried viewing their scouts activities? The new update put it into online advancement, which only shows me my pack.

@MichaelBergin - I am pack advancement chair and my son is in a troop and crew and I see his logs without issue.

I just discovered that it is the same for Scouts BSA. Talk about fixing something that isn’t broken! We no longer have access to my son’s Camping, Hiking and Service logs that we have been tracking in Scoutbook since he was in Cub Scouts. What an unnecessary bummer.


Are you a leader in the troop also?

@MichaelBergin - I am the troop committee chair. I can also report that my son can access all of his history going back to 2014. He was also able to add a hike from Thursday as well.


Apparently, it’s a glitch. I can’t see any of my cub’s logs, nor any of the scouts in the troop. I can’t even see my own. However, when my daughter logs in, she can see hers.

When I reported it, they said that they are aware of the issue and working on it

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I am Advancement Chair and only have access to my own children. I can’t add any activities to anyone else, which I usually do.

How do you delete a activity?
On hiking I was able to do miles on one but not another.
Why did they change activity logs made things tough.

BSA is sending mixed signals. You tell us we are using Scoutbook because you bought the company. Now they mixed Internet Advancement with Scoutbook. We were told that you use one or the other.
Scoutbook just became user unfriendly on the activities log. It was so simple on Scoutbook to input Service Hours, Camping and Hiking and parents could see their Scouts activities. Now… parents are locked out. Now…very time consuming and NOT user friendly. Bad move BSA. You tried to fix something that was unbroken and destroyed the simplicity of using Scoutbook


Yes agree made it so complicated.


@LeonDemers and @WilliamValot - The primary thing with Scoutbook itself is its code and how changes there lead to other issues surfacing elsewhere. The code is not modular nor current so development has in effect hit a wall. The IA platform allows for greater development that does provide a better framework to add those things which user have wanted to see in the scoutbook platform. With logs moving to IA there is now the ability to actually link them to JTE which is an aid to all units, districts and councils.

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oh OK thanks for info.

I can see my scout’s activities. But mine (adult leader) are missing. :disappointed_relieved: It’s the only list I had of my camping, hiking and volunteer hours.

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Dear Scoutbook Team,

Are the new logs supposed to be working? I can’t edit anything. I can’t see activities. This is true for my son as well as several in our troop. I am the Committee Chair and Advancement Chair. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or if I should just wait for updates.
Elizabeth Link

@ElizabethLink - the logs are indeed working. I as CC for the troop can access them and my son can access and add items as well. I can do a screen share to walk you through the process if you wish. Just email if you wish to do so.

In IA I can run the activity report and include the adults to see my activities that I had in Scoutbook. I can’t seem to find my personal activities in IA to make changes to streamline the information.

I would be interested to know. Is there a user focus group that you’re receiving input and requesting feedback based upon the platform / coding / feature changes the BSA is making? If not, and talking from experience, your “updates” are going to seem counter intuitive as well as misinformed due to a lack of communication, both in “what to update” and in releasing updates.

And another thing…
If you’ve changed the method and process for tracking and entering, do you have a location on “how-to” documents for the new processes? With the years the feature was in place, shutting it down abruptly without notice in the middle of the scouting season (especially for long term scouts - e.g. troops, venture, etc.) really puts a hiccup in progress monitoring and rank advancement.

I expect that this role is largely filled by the SUAC. They’re not just the mods here. SUAC is not the same group as the developers, who are presumably paid personnel. Also, the comments in these fora fill that role in a “move fast and break stuff” kinda way.

There is a how-to for the new logs that was published contemporaneously with the change. It has been linked to in various threads. Here it is again:

When I try to access the Activity Logs for myself or my Son, i get the following error


Unable to find the person for the given GUID

Any idea how to get past this. I have stuff to log in.

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