Biking hours

Since all the other topics are closed, I’ll echo that we need to enter biking hours.

Our troop does a lot of cycling (using a different word for keyword searches) and we’d like to give the scouts credit for it.

We are in the process of moving the hours from Troopmaster to IA. It’s disconcerting to be unable to enter the bicycling hours.

Any estimate on when we can start entering biking hours?

It is in the backlog - we do not know if/when BSA IT will schedule it

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Thanks for that. Estimates are hard, I know (I’m a programmer too)

The suggested workaround is to use the hiking log and prefix the title with BIKE or something similar.


And that’ll be easy to filter later, yeah. I worry that it’ll count the hours as hiking, inflating our numbers – our troop typically has 60-100 scouts and at least half of them bike. Some bike a LOT.

I could also put in zero hours miles, and the actual hours miles in the description for a later fixup. Yech, but better than nothing.

The hiking log uses miles, not hours.

This would be no different than the Scout using the hiking log in their handbook to record bicycle miles. There are only 3 log tables in the handbook, camping, hiking and service.

The BSA does not track hiking miles, only service hours, so what is in the hiking log will not be rolled up automatically as is done with service hours.


Although, in fairness, if a scout is doing a quick look at eligibility for the NOA for Hiking, the biking miles (if logged as non-zero hiking miles) would complicate the count there.

Like everyone else tracking this issue, I’m looking forward to when BSA IT has time/budget to implement at least those logs which will address items related to BSA advancement items and awards (like the various NOA segments) that require such tracking. I suspect we all understand that logs for any-old-thing-we-choose may well never be implemented, even if given infinite budgets. :wink:

We record the bike miles at half the rate for hiking. This is consistent with a rank requirements. If it would change in the future, we can take a different approach.

@CharleyHamilton makes a good point, we need to track hiking and biking separately for things like NOA. Of course “any-old-thing-we-choose” need not be implemented, but hiking and biking (and swimming) seem pretty basic.

@Matt.Johnson records bike miles at half the rate for hiking, as consistent with rank requirements. Which requirements, please? I’m mildly surprised that there is a conversion factor.

Second class.

So, if we record them that way, the report can be used.

Thanks for that info, @Matt.Johnson