Add "extra space check" to the "Roster Analysis"

I just found my second trailing last name space. I found these just by chance when viewing the roster by last name comma first. They stand out to me, but probably not others.

Oh, wait! One more. Add in the check to make sure all cubs are in a den. Maybe not worth it? Anyone that is running the Roster Analysis knows they must be in a den?

Just an idea.

it seems many councils add spaces often - we see it daily - invisible characters we cannot see

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Pretty poetic for a tech support board :smile:

@SteveCagigas true - well we have a fail-safe when merging users - and Say the Name is John Doe - it shows both accounts and red’s John Doe for both as there IS something different in the names “John Doe” (just the name) that we cannot see.

@GaryFeutz Is this do-able? Can you add it to your backlog?

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