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Roster analysis

Love the latest update with the roster analysis

some thoughts
could you add leaders with no ID number

The council district resets bombs with the change your email people

also it mentions an option to fix a connection issue have one in a report but no menu option to fix

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Great idea - I’ll add checks for no BSA ID. Scouts too.

Setting Council district fails for anyone with a changeyouremail address? Interesting… I’ll look at that too.


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its says email already exists in system

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You need to compare names against common nick names! That would be a challenge! We have one Cub with the same dad connected twice and you found it. We are working to get one account deleted. In the troop, though, we have a Scout with one dad connected with a Rob account and the other is Robert. That would be quite the challenge. :slight_smile:

Too bad there couldn’t be a check to see if my.scouting and Scoutbook match and call out the differences.

I agree, nice tool. I used it right away!

@Matt.Johnson it does have nickname matching… :slightly_smiling_face: did you say it did NOT catch the Rob and Robert duplicate parent account?

It caught a Bill and William

It did not catch Rob and Robert. One is say (fake last name) Rob Smith and the other is Robert Smith. Oh, I just thought maybe why not. I think the Robert Smith has a trailing space: “Robert Smith “ vs “Rob Smith”. I noticed it the other day, and due to how painful support is now (like getting rid of the extra Mr. Smith has take 2 weeks and counting), I moved on. I guess I should make that request as well.

I might have found an issue where it wouldn’t catch - but can you check for the trailing space?

@RonFedele Were you able to continue updating? The code is supposed to allow the rest of the member councils/districts to be updated.

Scoutbook provides the error if a profile update is attempted and it has the bad email associated. I’m not sure I should change the extension - all I could really do is skip trying to update those accounts.

Can move forward just have to stay on screen if in another tab I lose the error message

Yes, his last name has a trailing space. It was hard to spot again, it is only visiable when there is a common after the last name.

This would be a good think to check for in the checker tool!

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It worked! It caught Rob and Robert!

What about checking “extra spaces”? There was my trailing space, for example. I wonder if there are extra spaces between first and last or a lead space as well.

In my code, I was already stripping space characters out so leading and trailing spaces would not be included in comparisons. If one account had extra spaces and another did not, in my compare it would look like two accounts with the same name.

I was thinking about reporting of extra spaces as another check to say “hey, you have a leading or trailing space that should be there. Fix it.” I assume trailing or leading spaces could lead to extra accounts like nicknames.