Add Patrol name to Report Builder

There is an option to sort by patrol but it does not list patrol name. It would be helpful if there were the option to have patrol name appear in the report under the scout’s name.

Not sure what you are talking about. On Roster Builder there is “Show Patrol” and the patrol is listed to the Right. In Report Builder there is no option like that.

@DavidFreeborn - what would be the gain or value of the add?

I’m looking to have this added to report builder. It is already in Roster builder.
What would it do? Having the patrol as an option would allow an additional sort capability. and it would save me from having to add that information to the report for each scout. Currently, I have to use two reports to get the information in a printable format. My troop isn’t huge but it is a lot of back and forth since my memory isn’t all that great. The report builder has all kinds of options but Patrol isn’t one. As of now, if you sort by patrol, it does that but doesn’t indicate any break where one patrol ends and another starts.
We use printable formats for things like TFC and patrol meetings where we have limited internet capability or limited numbers of people with the ability to edit advancement in Scoutbook.

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