Printer Roster for Pack, it includes the troop's header info as well

I wanted to print just a pack roster. It includes the info from the 2 troops I am connected to as well. They are not checked off in the report builder.

Please have them removed if their info isn’t choosen.

I would also not include the info on the report sort in the report, because by then, it is a real report and not the settings for what you want.

I have reported to the developers. They may need more info and if so, I’ll post the query @Matt.Johnson

@Matt.Johnson what report are you using? Report builder or roster builder? I ask because you mention one, but indicate you are trying to do the other.

Also, your last paragraph doesn’t make seem to translate for the developers. Are you saying there are unwanted features? These are reports, so not sure how we don’t want “report” features. An example may help.

Report feedback:

  • Core feedback - don’t include the other units as they weren’t selected.
  • The report need not say what “builder” made it. I would drop “Roster Builder” from the report title. That seems to be an artifact of programming, almost.
  • Sort by is fine to have in the options for the report, but why include it in the roster? Other options are not included such has “include email addresses”
  • The page number is large, obtrusive, and maybe in a different font. I would make it at least as big as the main info text, put it at the bottom right, maybe even have an option to not include it.

Here is how I generate it:
Pack 4201, Roster Builder by going to “print roster”. It pulls up “Roster Builder Designer”.

I am calling it “Pack Roster Rev1”.
I chose “Pack 4201 F”. Nothing from the 2 troops.
I chose adult leader options, show email address
Show addresses
Show city, state zip
Show phone numbers
Show Parents and Guardians


I believe this is used for troubleshooting when reports such as this occur to know if a given report was generated by roster builder or report builder (quite useful)

This has been requested by other users and is utilized by others (even though you may not), so I suspect it won’t be removed

Part of the report to the developers

Thank you for detailed steps on recreating report with both Pack and Troop showing. Now for the follow-up, is it only adults showing Pack and Troop and ones that are dual-registered with both units?

I would put it in a footer, but I can see there it is a matter of taste.

I too would put this in the footer, but again, taste.

I believe it is only showing pack and dual registered adults. The wording is odd as it says “Adult Members” when it really is “Adult Volunteers and Parents” since parents aren’t really members unless they are registered.

Understood. So points 2 and 3 are not about the inclusion of these elements, it’s more about the location once generated (aesthetics).

Yes, I think so. Small info line at the bottom would be better, but again, aesthetics are different for different people.

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