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Update report needed

Would it be possible to have a report options so that I can run a report to know who is in what den, the contact info and other possible info to be added? I’m basically looking for a den roster. Currently, I can run a report based on rank or next rank but if I have for example I have a bear den that has a bobcat, wolf and a bear I can’t get a report of who is in the actual den unless I do a Scoutbook backup.

I know that we can filter scouts by patrol in Roster Builder at the troop level. Can they not be filtered by den at the pack level?

They can be filtered by den

In the report building it shows the dens and the scouts within each den but when the report is created its no longer broken up like that. It just lists all the scouts and then their current rank or next rank. I’m looking for a report broken out by dens.

Sounds like the solution is My Dashboard → My Unit → Unit Reports → Roster Builder Manager

The interface will look something like this:

You want roster builder instead of report builder

To resolve the issue you’re mentioning, it looks like you should be able to “Sort by: Subunit, Last Name, First Name, then Middle Name” as shown in my screenshot above.

Thanks for the photo. That’s what I’m doing but when you run the report for packs it groups everyone together unless I run the report individually for each den which is time consuming. I want one single pack report with the scouts listed and what den they belong to and their personal information.

You can get what you are looking for. Your just missing a checkbox somewhere. Perhaps it’s show den/patrol under scout options.

@SarahBlaesing - the option to show den must be checked. It will list that as the last column. They will be grouped by dens in alpha order

You are right there is no sort by Den/Patrol - I will relay that to Dev

Odd. It keeps them sorted by patrols at the troop level, although it doesn’t actually show the patrol names, which makes it a bit difficult to catch where the patrol breaks occur.

I had to tick the “Show Patrol” box as well to include the patrol name in the roster. I had expected a “gapped” roster (e.g. a blank line in the grid between patrols) rather than all of the scouts packing in like sardines.

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Hunh…I would have thought it was easier to include the “sort by subunit” option in the code and interface as a default, and just hide it for crews and ships (which I don’t believe have subunits akin to patrols/dens).

@DonovanMcNeil - the sort by dens works for me… It will have bears first and so on.

@Stephen_Hornak in Roster manager? I do not even see the option

Maybe it’s time for folks to post screenshots of what they’re seeing. :^)

At the pack level I get all the scout names across the top of a table (column rows) and the date is the rows.

No opiton to break up by dens.

@SarahBlaesing you can get what you want using the CSV for now.

@SarahBlaesing try Roster Builder - you are in Report builder

Screenshot 2020-01-23 14.20.56

Click New Report
Screenshot 2020-01-23 14.21.04

Screenshot 2020-01-23 14.22.38

Hunh. That’s not at all what Roster Builder generates for me. Looks more like the Report Builder interface.

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