Add slider in the Scoutbook troop calendar for "Joint Pack / Webelos activity"

In the normal calendar, there should be a slider for “Joint pack / Webelos activity”. This is one of the couple “missing links” for JTE reporting. Nearly all other data is already gathered.


Does any of that info get transferred anywhere that you can use it?

Well, one has to start with the data! My request is to then have some simple reports run. Then we could have this be a simple effort instead of a manual one.

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Agreed! If the data is there, we can find a way to use it

I guess I don’t understand, but then my Council has its own metrics for JTE.

Since Webelos are part of the pack, what is unique about a joint pack/webelos activity?

Sorry, meant troop.

JTE is the national standard program metrics, so it would make sense to cater to that.

Yes, I understand the desire to have JTE metrics, I just didn’t understand Joint Pack/Webelos activity.

For troops under JTE objective 4: Two or more Joint activities with a pack or Webelos den.

So the troop might have a campout and invite a Webelos den or a geocaching activity and invite a pack.

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Yes. It would be great to be able to mark the activity as a “joint activity”.

I guess I was taking the words off of the JTE form “With a pack or Webelos den,
hold two joint activities (live or virtual).”

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