Future recharter feature request - upload JTE form

It would be nice to be able to upload JTE form or some other random council forms as well. Our council wants an updated contact list. Yes, each person should keep their contact updated, but it is a form they have had us turn in as well.

Central Florida Council just created their own webform for uploads of Council-related documents, like JTE. Since those are Council and not National forms, that really is the best solution, not junking up Recharter.

I could go both ways. One is the one stop shop. The other is to focus it, but then there will be instructions - go to this page for this and that page for that. Each with a different logon and password.

No login, just a simple form. Minimal info: District, unit type, number and several slots for JTE, charter agreement, etc.

Ooh! Sounds good. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of NOT having JTE part of the recharter.

@Matt.Johnson - the jte assists local council and district in their respective submissions.

I thought about that. I think that recharter had/has become such a monster. The more piled on, the more complex and “training” that must be done. I wouldn’t mind if recharter and an “end of year” check-in form submission would be separated.

If we had more programing resources, JTE would be a “form” within Scoutbook or IA. All of the data is in Scoutbook and IA if a unit embraces the systems.

In looking through the JTE plan, there is only one item that would require a “check box” for a troop - “Troop committee adopted annual program plan & budget”. The rest could be covered with info from my.scouting, IA, or Scoutbook.

It is amazing the data is there. Maybe a couple of small tweaks - like in the service hours in IA should have a checkbox that says “benefits chartered organization”. In the normal calendar, there should be a slider for “Joint pack / Webelos activity”.

@Matt.Johnson - the interesting thing is that the original developer had hoped to encorpate JTE data collection into scoutbook. The broader issue is that some councils are using what could be deemed JTE v2. A different set of data and metrics. Without universal containers it becomes problematic.

The #1 reason why you don’t want to do this: The council must manually process any recharter that has an attachment. This would mean every unit that submitted a JTE form, suddenly becomes “manual” even if they meet all the other requirements.


Well, that is how it was programmed. There could be a spot for JTE to be excluded from the manually processing. I do like the idea, though, keeping the core recharter ONLY what it needs to be.