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Add web link feature to "messages"

Is it possible that in “messages” we have the ability to include a web-link function in our emails and texts? This would be very helpful as we like to send links to registration web pages for District and Council events. Our members can then click the link and go directly to the webpage.

Scoutbook messages support BB code which allows you to add URLs among other simple formatting options. Click the ? on the send message page image for help on using BB code.

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Thank you for this but those directions are not clear enough for me. Do I add the letters “URL” in front of the link to make it “hot”, do I use [ and ], or something else?

Enter it just as the example shows but replace https://www.scoutbook.com with the URL you want to include. The [url] and [/url] are required

Thank you. I tested the and it worked. I did expect the link to turn blue or be underlined and that did not happen. In addition the [ and ] remained which seems odd but it did work. I appreciate the tip.

it should say… I tested the [ ] and it worked

I just tested this. If you still see the brackets, then something was not entered correctly.

[url]http://www.google.com[/url] should show as http://www.google.com
[url=http://www.google.com]Google[/url] should show as Google


That worked. Thank you very much. It was blue and underlined with no [ or ].

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