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Google drive attachment

How do I attach a document from my google drive to a message? I am trying to send out medical forms and COVID waivers. We are camping again!


I would personally share the document(s) using a link, then include the link in the body of the message. I’ve generally found that to be more effective than actually attaching the document.

ETA: This process allows me to update the document if necessary, as well as later disabling the link, if the document becomes outdated. That way, there is less chance of a “bad” document (e.g. errors in text, etc) in circulation that people think is correct.

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I pasted the link but it doesn’t show blue and I cant highlight it to make it a link

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a way to make the link hot/clickable. Many mail clients/services (e.g. gmail) will automatically make the link hot. Others won’t, although in my experience these are the same ones that seem to strip out existing hotlinks and leave me copying the link as text to the browser’s URL bar.

Usually, if you put the url on a separate line, most e-mail clients / services will make the link clickable in the user’s inbox.

You can use BB code in Scoutbook messages to do this, and it will always parse correctly. There are two ways to do this, in the examples below. Note that you would need to use square brackets in the Scoutbook messages for these two work; I’m using squiggle brackets so that the forum doesn’t interpret them.

  • {url}full link to document here{/url}: This will put the link to your doc, as written, in your message.

  • {url=https://full_link_to_document.com}Title of Document{/url}: This will create the link to your document (the same as above), but the text displayed for the link will be whatever you put between the two tags. I usually use this format, because it’s more readable for the end user.

Here’s a link to other BB codes you can use in Scoutbook messages to make them a little more reader friendly.

See what I did there?


@SteveCagigas, does this render correctly in events as well, or only in the Messages module? I know I tried it at one point in calendar events, so that the formatting would be there for reminder messages, and it didn’t work at the time.

Only messages. as far as I recall.


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