Creating a clickable link in an event

When creating events that have a link to register, how do I make the link clickable?

@ConstanceKnie - could you be more specific? Where within the event create page ? If in the body of the event, the reminder email will have a url rendered click able by most email clients.

When creating or editing an event, click on the question mark above the Event Description. It shows you how to mark up the description using BB codes, which includes the ability to use a clickable URL.

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So when I craft the description of the event and want to put a link that they can use then the reminders hit their inboxes it’s not a live link. And it’s not live when it hits the individual inboxes either. I’m sure it’s something that is obvious, but I’m not great at this (as you can tell)

I did click on the question mark and it looked promising but didn’t see how to do it, just that it’s a feature.

You can do URLs two ways. In the examples below, I had to add the _ character so you can see how to type it. Just remove the _ when you do it.

[_url][/url] =
[_url=]Scoutbook[/url] = Scoutbook

Also, keep in mind that some mail readers/anti-malware apps strip out clickable links (to prevent the link from saying one thing visibly but linking to something else).

And some e-mail clients will make a URL clickable even if it does not have required markup behind it.


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