Adding a field in a drop down

Is there a way for me to add additional options to the drop downs in the calendar new/edit event page?

I would like to add: Den Meeting, Hiking Club, Pack Event, Service Project, and Pack Campout to the Event Type drop down options.

I was also wondering if there was a way to make events reoccurring?

Hi @JessicaMarshall1 -

To answer your first question, it is not possible at this time to add additional event types in the calendar. That has been an often-requested feature, but I don’t know when/if it will be implemented.

You can make recurring events with the volunteer-created Feature Assistant Extension, which is available if you are using Chrome or Firefox.

@JessicaMarshall1 - I recall that den meeting is available at the den level and there is campout at the pack level. I do leverage the other for well like other…

Where do I find that feature assistant extension? I’m using chrome but I don’t see it.

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