Events: Adding newly-joined Scouts to calendars without editing every event

Simple use case: When our Cub Scout pack gets a new member, parent, etc, we want to make sure they’re invitees on all pack events and events for their den. Seems like something I should be able to do with a few clicks, as the pack and their den already have event calendars.

As a Cubmaster or Den Leader, how can I do this without having to go and edit every single event for the entire calendar year? Doing it this way is incredibly tedious for leaders and error-prone to the point where I can’t recommend my pack use Scoutbook for events because new families are going to miss communications or event invites.


The Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox has the ability to quickly add additional invitees to all events. Search the Chrome or Firefox extension stores for Scoutbook.


Thanks Ed for the quick reply! I would’ve hoped to find something supported within the site itself (e.g. when viewing a scout or parent, having the ability to edit their invited events/calendars), but I’ll take it in a browser extension for now!

@KevinWorth - from the scout or parent page there is no way to see whst they are invited to.

Thanks for the replies/info. I hope this use case is considered for inclusion in the main interface of scoutbook itself, as on-boarding new scouts and parents into the organization shouldn’t involve a lot of event editing and feels awkward to only support via a browser extension.

@KevinWorth - i guess its awkward for adobe to publish browser extensions as well.

We have requested the ability to automatically add new members in a future new calendar. I’m not sure if it will be included or not.

How do I use this function? I’m not seeing where to update the invitees in the calendar page. Thanks!

@JacobPlennes - look up feature assistant

I have it installed and turned on.

@JacobPlennes - look for add invites in the calendar and there’s a help file

Oh, I see it now! I had to update chrome. I appreciate the help

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Click on the icon for the Feature Assistant Extension image It will bring up the help.

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