Adding parents/leaders to quick entry features

I love being able to do a quick update of health form dates and swim test results for the scouts. We also have a large parent/leader roster and it would be great if we could update those as well using the quick entry form.

Thank you
Ryan Knutson
Scoutmaster, Troop 99
Weddington NC


Install the feature extension it has what you want.

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It only has part of what I want. Yes you can enter Health Records for scouts and adult leaders, but you can’t for non-leader parents (who are often required to have health forms for various outings).

It allows you to mass enter swim classifications for scouts, but not adult leaders and parents.



There is no way to enter stuff for non registered folks other go to each persons profile. The same applies to Leaders.

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There is a quickie for leaders in the health forms. It can be done!

I was referencing to the swim levels. I thought the extension allowed this, if not there is no other option then go to the profiles for each persons and update there.

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