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Improved reporting within Scoutbook

As both a pack and troop leader, I’m finding it more of a necessity to have better reporting capabilities within Scoutbook. While the Feature Assistant Extension provides added reports, it would be great to have them as part of the Scoutbook system in general since the extension does not work on mobile platforms.

One current needs I have is a way to report on non-leader parents YPT and Health Forms.

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Use Roster Builder (print roster from the unit roster page) to get a report with health form dates.

I’ll add an item to the backlog to create a unit (including parents) YPT report. I have no idea if or when such a report will be implemented.

Please note that I’m trying to create a report of Health Forms for NON-LEADER, NON-SCOUT parents/guardians. Your suggested method only applies to scouts and leaders.

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