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Need report and quick entry for Scoutbook swimming records

Scoutbook allows entry of swimming classifications and dates for both Scouts and Adults, but only one at a time. When 30 or 40 records need to be updated, nothing is more tedious than using a Web app to scroll though rosters and profiles to enter the relevant data, one individual at a time. And once the data is entered, there’s no way to get a report, which would be pretty handy when passing out swimming tags at camp, and also which would seem to be a primary reason for entering the data in the first place.

The the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox adds quick entry for swimming records.

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A report is available by using the Roster Builder (different from Report Builder). You can access Roster Builder in a couple different ways:

  1. Troop Roster -> Print Roster
  2. My Dashboard -> Reports

The information is also available as an Export / Backup from the main Troop page (Scouts or Leaders & Parents csv files).

Unfortunately this only gives you their status, such as swimmer or non-swimmer. It would really be helpful to list the dates of their Swim Classification Date. The field is there on everyone’s profile, why not have reporting capabilities on it?

Matt, using Roster Builder / Print Roster, did you select “Show Swim Classification” and “Show Swim Classification Date”? This will show swim classifications and dates for the Scouts or adult leaders.

The Export / Backup files also contain both data fields for Scouts, adult leaders, and parents.


What you’re suggesting requires the Feature Assistant Extension for both Firefox and Chrome, but that extension does not work for Safari, Edge, or mobile devices. Many of these reports should be within Scoutbook instead of requiring this extension. Please note the screen captures with the extension disabled vs. enabled.

I would further ask that some reporting include YPT and Health forms for non-leader adults (aka parents) and not simply scouts.

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You do need to be using the Feature Assistant Extension in order to get the swim classification dates on the Roster Builder report. (I forgot that this is not part of native Scoutbook.) The plan is to work in features from the extension as they add new reports to Scoutbook.

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