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Adding STEM counselors and Supernova Mentor

could the STEM counselors (position 52) and Supernova mentors (position 58) be added to the MBC counselor (position 42) list ?

This is an existing request - but we do not know if/when this will be worked on

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When I was using MBC by TroopMaster I make the “Stem Counselor” and “Supernova mentor” as a merit badges which the program let me do and then I could publish my district Merit badge list with them showing. Could you do the same?

While the wheels of change grind away at the request, whether you can add adults in your unit as MBCs depends on whether or not your local Council is uploading the MBC list or not. If they are, you can’t do anything at the troop level. If they are not, you can add MBCs for your troop… until your Council decides to start uploading their lists.

A key problem with doing this, I found, was that when my council eventually decided to upload their MBC list, our MBCs (listed at the troop level in Scoutbook) were purged from the list when it uploaded to Scoutbook, even though they were on the council’s list. I don’t know if this issue has been resolved. If not, your counselors may drop off the list – which then can’t be fixed at the unit-level anymore – and I’ve had a terrible time trying to get our council to restore the missing MBCs (presumably by re-uploading the list).

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I’m the district Advancement chair and my council has taken over the Merit Badge list (thank you) and before they did I would add the Stem counselor and supernova mentor as merit badges. I was thinking that Nation/Scoutbook could do the same. Having the council do the list means I don’t have to print out 60 copies of a 100+ page listing, also with council doing a quarterly update the listing is able to get the new ones into the mix.

Not all awards are merit badges. Not all units have implemented the STEM Nova award program. STEM Nova awards are available to other BSA program participants…I would prefer to see separate data files and lists. My large metropolitan/rural council has only 4 qualified supernova mentors and STEM nova counselor registration is poor.


The following are some separate award programs.

  • Scouts BSA advancement (with merit badge counselors)
    • 42 Merit Badge Counselor
    • 42F Merit Badge Counselor - with fee
  • BSA STEM Nova Awards (with counselors and mentors)
    • 58 Nova Counselor
    • 52 Supernova Mentor
  • BSA Religious Emblem Program
    • 43 Religious Emblems Counselor
    • REU Unit Religious Emblems Coord
    • RED District Religious Emblems Coord

More award programs are listed in :Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls, 2019 Printing chapter 14. There is also the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program.

Well I have some in my District and I have no way to tell the units who they are. I guess I will wait until a unit ask for one.

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