NOVA and Supernova Listing

For merit badges I can see every counselor in the BSA yet in the NOVA/Supernova Listing I only see the local council only. Is there a way to list out everyone in the BSA.

Also can we please move the YPT date on the NOVA/Supernova listing to the same format and placement as the MBC Listing.

While the quide to advancement spells out MBC having a universal reach, I have not seen that anywhere for STEM especially now with the administration of the program moving to the council level.

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Yeah that is an interesting potential flex

Don’t Councils deal with MB Counselors?
Both MB Counselors and STEM positions need to be registered with a position code in their Councils. There is very little difference in the two positions.

While STEM is now ported over to Councils we still have Nova Counselors and Supernova Mentors working with scouts from out of their Councils. There are many adults who are working with scouts from across the country.
Either the rule needs to be made that you can only work with Council Counselors and Mentors (which will make many angry) or they need to have same status as MB Counselors.
Since MB Counselors can work with scouts from another Council, I cannot see a reason to not have the same for STEM positions.

I will add that when I was in charge of Supernova award applications for my Council I had to call a Council on the other side of the continent to check on a Supernova Mentor’s status. His Council gave me his phone number and we ended up having a great talk.
Having all Counselors and Mentors added would make that process better.

The GtoAdv has no mention of STEM other than putting it somewhat (more that they are to ‘promote’ it) under Council and District Adv Committees. They also don’t mention the Conservation award (was Hornaday).
Since there is no mention of reach, or anything else, for STEM I would expect the same treatment as MB Counselors as the positions are almost identical in application. Except that Supernova Mentor is more restrictive in who can have the position.

I have changed my listing preference to worldwide for both Nova and Supernova. See if you can find me. The default listing preference is council. So, I suspect there just aren’t many that have switched to worldwide.


I was able to find you. You are the only Jacob Nova Counselor set to worldwide :smile:


Make sure you check the “Include worldwide outside of Council” box on the search screen.