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Adult Leader Knot / Award Tracking

It’d be amazing to incorporate the adult awards into Scoutbook so we can track progress on them. Den Leader Training Award, Scouter’s Training Award, Scoutmaster’s Key, etc. could all be tracked just like the Scout awards.



Hi, @KyleMinett,

Past responses from BSA have indicated that adult awards and similar, which have been requested many times, are somewhat below getting all national youth awards supported in Scoutbook.

ETA: Personally, I think it would be great, but definitely lower priority. I’m just glad they finally got at least identification of OA status in the adult profiles. It’s a help for me as an OA Troop Rep advisor to (at least in theory) be able to identify other adults who may be available to run the arrowmen out to an event.

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Thanks Charley, I agree with their position of getting the youth taken care of first. I didn’t see a similar request post in the forum, so I wanted to get it down “on paper” for the future!

+1 for this idea. I just got me a knot of some significance and I wondered if it could be tracked in SB. Nope.

I heard talk that Council staff could add the info to adult Scouting records, but am not sure if that’s accurate.


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