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Adults/Leaders Recognition

I see the opportunity to add in details about an adult/leader OA membership. It would be nice to also enter an Eagle awarded date would be of high interest. To log other awards and recognition would be beneficial as well; Scout’s Key, Den Leader Award, Religious Awards, etc.

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While it would be nice, does it add to the ability to manage your unit’s information on Scout advancement, awards, activities, etc? As adults, we can put a summary statement on our profile to communicate such information as you suggest.

I think we tend to forget our leaders and their accomplishments. The ability is there to log OA information, you would think it be nice to be able to note when one has attained the highest honor in Scouting. While not vital, nice to have for sure. It would be nice, in general, to be able to keep track of adult recognition.

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When SB was originally developed for a single unit, the product focused on replacing the Scout’s handbook. Adult Award tracking has been requested a number of times since BSA purchased the product. I do not know if or where it is on their priority list. I can say that there have been many much higher priority items related to tracking Scouts advancement & awards that have been the focus of the limited development dollars. I do hope that building an adult awards module is on the project plan, other issues in these forums show me that they still have bigger fish to fry at this time.

Scoutbook uses the same BSA data. If the Leader / Adult is registered using the same BSA Member ID within the same Council as when earning Eagle it should be in their records. Unfortunately Scoutbook does not show the Ranks earned once an account is converted to Adult Leader. It will report if they run the Scout BSA History report using their BSA Member ID it will show the history in the system.

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