Founder Bar for Adults

I know that awards for adults are still in the works, but it would be great to be able to identify if a registered Scouter is a Founding Member of a unit.


Would love to see this feature added as well as other adult awards.


The only thing with adult awards is that it would be a very limited audience that would see them. Specifically your unit(s) and not beyond that.

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@Stephen, If the data is stored in BSA’s system for youth or adults, I think the point is that the data could be visible in Scoutbook. It would just be interesting to know where in the “to-do” list addressing Scouter awards/acknowledgements is for the Scoutbook development team.

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@BrianMcLaughlin - but again only to yourself and unit admin… so no notice beyond that is what i stated

Beyond that I am working for my scouts and not adult prizes

From everything we’ve heard from SUAC on similar topics, the answer is effectively “after everything else is done”. There have been some outliers (e.g. OA recognition and inclusion in OA eligibility reports, expansion of reporting to include some adult information, etc). However, adult-specific awards (e.g. Scouter’s Training Award) and display of youth awards earned by the scouter on their adult Scoutbook pages (e.g Eagle Scout rank) appear to be down at the bottom of the priority list. They might get included as part of something else, but I’d guess that it would continue to be hit-or-miss as to what shows up.

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It would be VERY Hit or miss - Not one of my awards is entered by council and I have some nice ones. I know a silver Antelope that is not entered. It would be very spotty, therefore it is a very low priority in my view


Noted, but isn’t that the case for the youth recognition as well. It is visible to the scout and to his or her connections only. It seems to me that the question is about correct entry of data and recording of awards at all levels. I agree that making sure the youth-focused stuff works is the priority. My original question was more about the existence of a roadmap for Scoutbook development and whether that roadmap is shared.

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Donovan, but if they are council approved or national approved awards…shouldn’t they be entered? This is a bigger question about how BSA handles data and the integrity of that data.

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@BrianMcLaughlin - in the end if you are the only one who sees your awards of what benefit is that… none I argue…I have my silver sloth, bronze anteater and gold od-dad… who the flip cares except for me… which is my point.

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Updates for Scouter side are low on the totem pole, but the inclusion of the few things shared between Scout and Scouter (such as OA, Founder, etc.) should be easy to “port” over and make available to all accounts regardless of type.

I think an expansion of information available and shared on adults would be beneficial and make SB a more powerful tool.

Say you brought up the profile on a few local MB Counselors. Wouldn’t you like to see their level of involvement? If one is OA, has Unit or District Trainer Knot, offers Religious Program and has the Scouter Religious Award…this could be pertinent information.

No, we do not do this for ourselves. Yet we do teach the youth to strive for goals and be proud of their accomplishments. An Eagle Candidate with a blank MB sash is a rarity and generally leads to questions as to why in the EBoR! Do they not value their knowledge? Do they not want others to know what they know?

I am proud of my WB participation, my NYLT staffing, and the commitment to offering a quality peogram as embodied by the tenets of the Trainer knot. I am humbled to have been selected for membership in OA.

Make these things available for display and allow users to turn them on or off. Those who feel that none of their accomplishments matter shouldn’t be forced to announce them. Those who do, should be allowed.

@JGalle you said it better than I did and your response was on point. We don’t do this for ourselves, but acknowledgement of Adult Scouter training and accomplishment speaks to the commitment we all have to our volunteerism and, in turn, to all the youth that we serve.

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