Advancement Reports not Matching Advancement Input

We have advancement reports not matching the advancement inputs and awarded loops for some of our scouts. Any help on how to get the advancement report to match what the scout has completed? This is causing confusion for our Den Leaders.

@DarrenFerlazzo can you please copy and paste the ref:# at the bottom of the report? This will help when I submit to the developers to determine the reason for the mismatch.

This should have the reference number on the bottom.

I have a few others like this also, where there are mismatches.

@DarrenFerlazzo - it is easier if you just copy the report id and paste it into a post

@Stephen_Hornak Also less prone to error

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ref: PD-20240409191536-252719-656329

This is the report ID

Thank you @DarrenFerlazzo

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@DarrenFerlazzo the developers pushed an update to report builder just a little while ago. Can you test and see if this fixed the problem?

If it doesn’t, please post the new report ref number. Thanks!

Yes, that appeared to fix the problem.
Thank you.

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Thanks for reporting and confirming the fix. It is bug reports like this, and their confirmations, that will move Scoutbook forward!

Thanks for confirming @DarrenFerlazzo

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