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Adventure Loop codes

I recently inherited the Pack’s box of awards. We weren’t good about marking items as awarded, so I have a bag of awards and no idea who they are for. I’ll work through that issue.

My question is this. It seems that every adventure loop has four ways to be identified.
They are:

  • Name
  • SKU
  • Bar code number
  • Random alphanumeric on the back of the adventure loop.

What do the numbers on the back of the adventure loops represent, and is there a master list available out there?

In going through a stack of loops, I discovered that the random alphanumeric on them are not specific to the adventure (more than one adventure will share the number). I also discovered that the numbers can change for the given adventure. My guess is that they are a “lot” or “batch” number from production. Any ideas if this is correct?

I would have thought that the number on the back was the SKU, but maybe it is a batch number.

Are you trying to identify the adventure loops? If so, it might be easier to identify them by the picture on the belt loop. Try going to the following links for pictures:







Thank you. I wanted an easy way for folks to identify them. I’ll just print out each page, and that should work just fine.

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