Transfer Scouts get old advancements

We had a Pack in our town shut down this past year. Two of their cubs came over to our pack. When I run my “needs awarding” report, they have several patches and belt loops going back years pop up. I would like to award these, but I can’t get them onto a PO to order them. They are such troopers to continue without receiving any of their achievements for so long. Help!

Well in cubs other than ranks and a handful of awards - nothing is a restricted purchase. You can just walk in and buy beltloops. At least that is the simple answer. Are they marked "Awarded " in Scoutbook?

I would recommend talking with the parents, first, to confirm what the Scouts have received / not received.

Like Donovan said, a purchase order is not required for adventure belt loops or pins, so those should not be an issue.

If they have not received their rank patches, then I would recommend talking to your local council. They can authorize you to buy the patches without the Purchase Order so that you can buy them from the Scout shop.

It does include ranks. I also don’t walk into any Scout shops, unfortunately, I live hours away. I order online and a PO is required.

I have definitely already talked with the parents and they have not received these yet.

I will contact my council, thank you!