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Quick Entry - Merit Badge Partials / Multiple Scouts

We have ~50 scouts working on camping merit badge. The counselor keeps track of requirement completions on paper because it is hard to do that in real time on scoutbook with so many scouts. It takes a long time to enter information because each scout doesn’t necessarily complete each requirement at the same rate.

It would be really helpful if Quick Entry would first allow you to select the scouts, date and approved status and then go to a new screen that would be in a matrix format that would have the requirements going down the rows and the scouts names across the columns. (or flip the row and column) This way you could input requirements for each scout at one time. You do not necessarily need the requirement description, just the number/letter (ie 5c)

When submitted, quick entry should return to its first screen, not the troop page as we very frequently need to keep entering requirements.

Thank you for your consideration!

Have the counselors tried the Feature Assistant Extension? I’ve found the interface there to be a lot better for working with large numbers of scouts as an MBC than the “default” Scoutbook interface. Not quite what you’re suggesting, though.

The Feature Assistant Extension Merit Badge entry is better, but frequently people besides the Merit Badge Counselor are doing the data entry, so they can’t use that option.

If anyone besides the MBC is doing the entry, the requirements won’t be marked as Counselor Approved in Scoutbook. When the Blue Card is printed, if the req is leader approved there will be dates next to the completed reqs but no initial. Only reqs that are counselor approved will be initialed.


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