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I enjoy the DLE for meeting agendas. However, it won’t let me add electives to my AOL calendar, despite having plenty of time. How do I add electives? When I try, I get an error message that says “No available Electives”.

Thanks for reporting this. I have passed it along to the developers. I do not know when it will be fixed.

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Could you provide your bsa member number and Pack number?

Bsa ID 13309679

Pack 1

Thanks. That will help the developers find the issue quicker.

I can confirm I have the same issue. Pack 149 Member ID 13272298.

I’ve tested in Edge and Chrome.

Also of note, the “Send Feedback” feature is broken as well… the form pops up, but does not allow you to enter any text.

@Yddeyma @BrianKirkley The developers suggested you re-boom (I think that means setting up the den). Let me know how that goes.

They are looking into a better long term solution.

Thanks, do they have any directions on how to “re-boom”?

I asked, but I was hoping it’d be obvious to a DLE user, which I am not.

@BrianKirkley - if I had to venture a guess, I think the option is to add a new den for that rank, then move all constuents into that new den. Not being a DLE user that is my best guess.

@BrianKirkley go to top right > click my dens > choose the den > click SETUP DEN at bottom and go through the steps

Thanks Donovan, I tried that but got this error at the end:

…after answering the 6 questions and clicking finished, then confirming the action.

As an FYI I had already done this once, and the required advancements are on the calendar, I just can’t add any electives.

When I click “Add Elective” at the top of the calendar I get this:

When I tried to setup the den (I should say that I had already setup the den once), I got the following error message:

Alternatively, I do have another AOL den that I hadn’t setup. So I tried to add electives to that one before doing the setup, but got an error that said I had to setup the den first.

So, it won’t let me add electives before or after setup.


I have passed this along to the developers as well.

Hey guys, any update from the devs? Obviously this isn’t essential to Scouting, I can still run a meeting and record advancements without the DLE… but its a really awesome product when its working, so I’d love to have it this year for AOL.

I can tell allot of work has gone into it, and if the same look and feel were applied to the Scoutbook site as well, I bet we would see much better buy in from parents and Scouts. I especially like the more robust calendar integration features.

Thanks again.

Unfortunately, I do not know when this will be fixed.

@BrianKirkley & @jacobfetzer

Let me preface this by saying that I am a Den Leader and I don’t use DLE because it doesn’t let me customize the meeting interval for Den Meetings.

I do know that any events created in DLE that populate the main calendar in Scoutbook are not able to have more than the date and location be edited. I just checked the events that a different den leader posted.

With that in mind, if you use the regular calendar in Scoutbook to create your den meeting and add the adventure requirements (core & elective) that you will be working on, the event will show up in your DLE calendar.

I just tested it out for my own Den by making a test entry.

@BrianKirkley - if you’ve never used the scoutbook calendar to specify rank requirements/electives before, I can post screen shots for you.

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