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I there a way to add meeting for my scouts to the DLE with out deleting the den and starting over. What will that do the Main Scoutbook pg?. We used the program last year but I can not enter meetings for my AoL boys we are just stuck in Webelo 1 with no new meetings. HELP please so frustrated

@KellyTerschluse click Avatar Top Right > click My Dens > Select Den > Setup Den > Select AOL > then go through the process if you want to use DLE Again

You can use the main Scoutbook calendar as well. In the main calendar, if you select the calendar for the Den your scouts are in right now and create an event, it will show up in DLE on your calendar there. The main Scoutbook calendar will let you list the adventure you are working on as well as the specific requirement within the adventure.

This is probably the biggest piece of trash I have seen

it looks like one of my den leaders logged into this travesty by accident - it published and pushed to our Calander a full rack of events all the way into December … It appears that I cannot hide them through scoutbook.even though I should … moving them into the past doesn’t work … all events are set up at the wrong time and the content is wrong … and its sending out notifications

I as a Committee Chair do not want this attached to my Unit and there is nothing I can do about it

you would think a Key 3 member could do something about this with regards to integration or even control the events to a point

get rid of this

Friendly reminder:
A Scout is friendly, kind, and courteous. The people you’re castigating with your post are volunteers that are here to help out.

Please consider that before posting.

And - pro-tip - you can edit your post to make it less rude and argumentative. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saw about getting more flies with honey that vinegar.

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Im not castigating any Volunteers.at all … My castigation is directed at the DLE and its forced Implemtation

and that as a committee chair I have no control over an accidental use of this app i, as well as the hours and the headache to resolve it

look into this issue and its history goes back as far as 2019 -
this app does not work for our unit due to how we work things

there is no “Opt out” option for Key 3 members … all it takes is a den leader to be “Messing around” and suddenly an entire den is getting wrong information (wrong time Wrong content etc.)

maybe you think Im angry at the den leader - no … it was an accident - Im frustrated at the hours and hours it took to get even a SMALL resolution to this … and Im still not sure that the methods Ive used have dealt with the issue

and I dont know if Im going to have to go through this all over again at the start of the year or what other methods I will have to employ to mediate this piece of junk

@BrianLickey - the DLE is in no way forced on anyone so again you are making accusations and really not appropriate.


LOL ya it is …

its forced on the unit itself … again here’s the situation

Den Leader “Messes around” gets whole rack of requirements published to the dens calander -
these events are not removable
the DLE does not take into account any other events that may exist (Pack meetings, field Trips etc.)
and on top of that they push to 3 den meetings per requirement which is overkill - Especially for Wolfs

so yes - if a Key 3 or the creating den leader CANNOT remove the events that is forced

there are TONS of other topics of this same thing happening to countless other units

these are not accusations - this is fact that can be proven with a quick search about what the DLE has done to other units …

Feedback is a gift regardless of how negative it may be - its up to the powers that be to do whatever with it

@BrianLickey - ok… pack committee chair here as well and I have never had a den leader use it nor was it ever forced on any of them. I do want to know how it was forced upon them. Yes feedback is a gift if done appropriately.


@BrianLickey So DLE populated the events to the Den calendar - correct? You can turn off the Den Calendar from your view. Den Leader can Turn Off DLE Events in their calendar to hide them and turn off notifications if they do not want them. If they just need to move a few around it is not that hard for them to do. Not a fan of DLE but it is workable.

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I know that now — after several hours of hair pulling and talking to council
however your also your making a key assumption

your assuming that the den leader knows what they did which I would question based on the number of posts saying the den leader was “Messing around” and things happened

in my case we went almost a full week with no clue what happened

I now - at my next committee meeting - must tell all my den leaders not to use this service because of how invasive it is … particularly since typing in scoutbook.com was taking people to a page where you had to click “Learn more” to even access the login page … the obvious choice on the page was to go to the DLE … thats what got us here to start

@BrianLickey - and just so you are aware the site would be scoutbook.scouting.org abd not the .com name.

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The den leader can go to their calendar and click hide DLE events, which will stop notifications and hide them for everyone in the den.

The SUAC agrees with you about this and other issues with DLE. We ask the developers to change it every chance we get. I personally tell DLs in my pack to stay away from it.


Would the hide DLE button cause events not created in DLE to also be hidden on the pack calendar/in the app?

I too wish there was a way to even just edit the pre-populated meetings to add more information or reminders to parents. I like the idea of the DLE, but it was confusing my parents.

No, it only hides the events created by DLE

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