Den Leader Experience - Add to calendar

how do you add other calendar events like an elective adventure?

@RandolphRichey - my personal take… please do not use the DLE… just use Scoutbook

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 1.27.51 PM

i dont see that screen. i am at Scoutbook - Den Leader. i go to Your Meetings. i can edit but i don’t see an add elective.

@RandolphRichey what is your position

Den Leader and CUb Master

What kind of device are you on?

laptop running windows chrome

if on Galaxy S21 android, i launch chrome and connect i still don’t get the same screen you show, but i do get a + i click it and get option to add elective, but there is no electives available.

first guess is you have screen too zoomed in

i’ve zoomed all teh way in and out, no difference except font size.

interesting i just launched Microsoft Edge. the screen versus Chrome is totally different. i do see the same thing you provided in screenshot. however the Add elective screen is blank, no available elective.

What Den Type - works for Webelos. Do you have a pop-up blocker on?

that is crazy - I have 2 webelos dens set up the same - electives show for one but not the other

does it not show the den working on AOL? i just read a note that you can’t add electives for AOL which makes sense.

they both have Webelos stuff not AOL

Well it makes no sense - they are Webelos electives and both Webelos and AOL are part of the current Webelos program

i did resolve my Chrome issue. i did a CTRL F5 to fully refresh. now i see the new screens and options. only outstanding is there are no Electives for AOL

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