AOL Scouts advancement does not show up on the banner page

We have two scouts in our AOL den. They were never scouts before


When we had our PWD race, they completed the elective called Build It. We added to their advancement. Scoutbook automatically added them as Webelos advancement.

I went back and removed the elective, thinking that Scoutbook would see them as just AOL scouts. It still has 0 percent!

The parents are upset because they know their scouts have earned 3 activity pins, but we can’t add build it, because it decreases their percentage.

Below are 2 sets of pics.

Pic 1: Banner page on Scoutbook that shows they are supposed to be earning Webelos Badge Rank.
No percentage toward their rank.
Pic 2: Pic showing their advancement page of 40% earned.

Even though they weren’t Cub Scouts before 5th grade, the Webelos percentage toward that rank should not be blocking what they have earned as an AOL.

The parents aren’t happy because they want them
To get the credit for build it that they completed in January.

@AudreyBagby Please do not post names of Scouts - you need to go to the Scouts page - click Edit Extended - and switch from Working on Webelos to Working on AOL

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I went back in to edit as you suggested, but don’t see how to delete the photos I uploaded.

I deleted the photos for you before - did my solution solve it for you @AudreyBagby

No. It still says 0% for both scouts for advancement, when it should say 40% for them.

I can setup a screenshare to look at it if you want? Or make myself admin of you unit to look at it

Make yourself an admin.

I’m an Uber driver and I forgot to bring my tablet with me today.

I can pullover when you’re ready.

My cell is 770-366-7087 if you need to speak to me directly.

Maybe you can look at one other crazy problem we have to. Our council registrar and I can’t figure out why RJC (Tiger Scout) is listed as a den chief with our Pack.

Once again please do not post names - BSA # are fine. That is all Fixed. RJC is not showing as a Den Chief so not sure what you are talking about.

I see you making the changes.

What was happening where it didn’t show the percentage?

this was the simple one click fix

Will I be able to go back and add Build It completed on January 28th without it messing their records up?

you might need to change AOL Start date - but that is easy

The RJ problem shows up when we were de ding Scoutbook emails. It started happening back in November.

@AudreyBagby STOP POSTING NAMES PLEASE - that just means that youth has their own sign in for Scoutbook

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Look at the snapshot I provided from the “send email” menu. His name shows up with our den chief.

That is because both have personal sign ins - that is all - they have Usernames and passwords to access their accounts

The Tiger Scout should not be listed as youth to send an email too.

Thanks. I didn’t know that was something I could change for the Webelos to AOL.

I’m sorry for sending the 2nd pic. I assumed it was going to directly to you. Not the entire forum.

Okay. That means the parent did it.

Thank you.