Webelos/AOL Advancement and Adventures

My Scout just ranked up to AOL. The Cubmaster stated he was receiving an error message when attempting to place the Scouts in the AOL Den. I went in today and edited one den from Webelos to AOL. I didn’t update the other den because my accuracy is uncertain. The issues are, his profile still stated Webelos 100%, but he is in the AOL den, when it should state AOL 0%. Also, when I access the adventures, my Scout has received credit for Into the Woods, Into the Wild, and Engineer from 2023 when he was a Webelos, but it is under the 2024 AOL update. Please advise. The Webelos and AOLs don’t seem to be separated. I apologize if my communication effort is not clear.

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It looks like the den was successfully advanced. I’ve seen those errors myself, but it appeared to have worked after giving it a few minutes.

Can you provide a screenshot of where you see the wrong rank on his profile?

The issue with the pre-2024 versions of adventures counting toward AOL is a known bug. I do not know if it will be fixed.


So, it should be:

Den: AOL
Current Rank: Webelos
AOL Badge 0%, not Webelos Badge 100%, right?


Legacy Scoutbook does not support AOL dens. Use Scoutbook Plus (https://advancements.scouting.org)

And percent does not work for AOL

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