AOL elective registering on Webelos for new scout

I have a Scout who joined for AOL but not for Webelos. I am entering their elective into SB but it is counting it for Webelos. I can’t make it count for AOL. I searched but didn’t find this info… how can I specify for a scout with NO webelos requirements signed off that a specific elective is for AOL?

uh, after entering all the scout’s other advancement it magically showed 100% complete.

Go to the Scouts Edit Profile page and set the selection to Working on AOL.

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It worked automagically after all the rest was put in. But… I’d like to have you document your suggestion as I think it would be valuable.

I clicked on the Scout, I clicked on “Edit Profile” but I don’t see a working on AOL section. I notice on this scout the grade level is not set. Is that it?

It’s already in the Scoutbook help wiki:

Maybe it’s gone because he already went to 100% but … this option does not appear in the scout’s profile when I click “edit profile”

I’m a relatively saavy user and avid searcher. If I could not find this info without coming here, it’s a possible candidate for smoothing out.

Possibly, but it was the first hit for “arrow of light” when I searched.

The selector goes away after a Scout completed Webelos or Arrow of Light because it is no longer needed.

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