Approved merit badge accidently to the wrong scout

While entering merit badges in the internet advancement I accidently awarded 2 Eagle merit badges to the wrong scout. How can I remove theses from the scouts list of completed merit badges?

@WilliamDormer kind of depends on what is the best way - If the Scout has not even started the MB > I would go to > go to Merit Badge > click Box by percent complete > then at bottom of popup, there is a Remove Merit Badge.

If the Scout has some Requirements Complete you need to clear the complete date. There is a Pen by the Date in Internet Advancement. Requirements are in Scoutbook, not IA

Thanks for responding. This scout has not taken these merit badges yet. I got distracted as I was entering in for another scout and did not notice the second scout name in the column in the right as I was entering it in the internet advancement. Our troop doesn’t use Scout Book, we use Troop Master. The two programs are not linked.

@WilliamDormer you can log into scoutbook with the same credentials you log into Internet advancement with

first time i tried it. It worked. Thank you for the advice. Have a good day.

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