April 19, 2023 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Eagle Requirements
    • The footnote regarding the time allowed to submit the Eagle Application has been updated to match the current requirements.
  • E-Mail Opt-Out
    • Multiple addresses that were opted out of e-mail on April 18, 2023 have been switched back to opt in. It was discovered the script that set addresses to opt-out caught addresses that should not have been changed.
  • Scoutbook Accounts
    • An issue that caused some new Scoutbook accounts to be created without an address or link to a Council has been fixed. A clean up script has been run to fix accounts affected by this issue.
  • Unit Membership
    • An issue that prevented some unit memberships to not end in Scoutbook when recharter is processed has been fixed. Note: This only affects future recharters.

New Features

  • None