March 9, 2022 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Advancement Sync
    • An issue that allowed Scouts not on the official roster for a Troop to remain in advancement sync has been fixed.
  • E-Mail Issues
    • The issue preventing e-mail from being sent from certain Scoutbook servers has been fixed. All servers are back online.
  • Individual Advancement Report
    • An issue that caused the Individual Advancement Report to list only 20 Merit Badges for Eagle rank version 2016 has been fixed. All 21 Merit Badges will now be displayed.
  • Report Builder
    • An issue where CSV export of reports omitted some merit badge details has been fixed.
    • An issue where rank and requirement icons were incorrectly displayed has been fixed.

New Features

  • Eagle Rank version 2022
    • A note explaining how to change from Eagle rank version 2022 to version 2016 for those Scouts that will complete all Eagle requirements except the Board of Review prior to July 1, 2022 has been placed at the top of the 2022 version.
  • E-mail Addresses
    • Scoutbook now allows multiple accounts to use a shared e-mail address. If this happens, the member will see a warming on their My Account link. In order to opt-out of Scoutbook e-mail, all accounts sharing an e-mail address must individually opt-out.

  • Membership
    • Membership restarted by a unit admin removing the end date will now be automatically approved. This eliminates the need for the admin to save the membership then return to the membership page to approve it.
  • Purchase Orders
    • Scoutbook now allows individual award to be deleted from the Purchase Order. A new Delete Item(s) From Purchase Order button is added to the Purchase Order page. Select the awards you wish to remove from the Purchase Order then click "Remove items selected from PO** button. These items will be returned to the Needs Purchasing report as long as they are not marked Awarded. Items cannot be removed from a Closed PO, however, you ca re-open a closed PO then delete items from it.
  • Scout Leadership
    • The table at the top of the Scout’s leadership page has been updated so that it only shows positions that apply to rank advancement. The day counter indicates the number of days that apply to the rank, even if multiple positions were held simultaneously. All positions continue to be shown in the list below the table.