April 27, 2022 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • National Outdoor Achievement Awards
    • An issue that caused the gold and silver devices for the National Outdoor Achievement Awards to be displayed incorrectly has been fixed. The proper display order is gold, gold, gold, silver, gold …
  • Reports
    • Report Builder has been updated to properly render Tenderfoot and Quatermaster. A space that was inserted by mistake was removed.

New Features

  • Admin Roles
    • A new End All Positions button is added to the roster page for unit admins when a unit has no youth members. This button allows all remaining Adult Leader Roles in a unit with no youth members to be ended.
  • Activity Log Report (Internet Advancement - Scoutbook activity Logs)
    • Report updated to add the Service Project Name, Campout Name, or Hike Name to the appropriate section. This will make it easier to identify which event is tied to an activity entry and more closely mirror the display of Activities.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Status E-Mail
    • The Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) status e-mail, sent when Merit Badges are added to or removed from the list an MBC can counsel, has been updated to indicate to contact your Council if there are issues and that the e-mail address the message is sent from is not monitored.

Removed Features

  • Varsity Awards
    • All Varsity awards have been retired with an expiration date of 12/31/2019 and can no longer be marked as earned in Scoutbook.