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July 8, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Arrow of Light
    • An issue that allowed an earned Arrow of Light award to be edited when the Scout was a member of a troop has been fixed.
  • Calendar
    • An issue that caused some users to receive a Whoops error when trying to edit certain calendar events has been fixed.
  • National Outdoor Achievement Awards
    • The National Outdoor Achievement Awards (NOAA) have been updated to the latest requirements including dropping references to the former Varsity program and linking Ranks/Awards and Merit Badges required to earn the awards. When a required Rank/Award (First Class, Apprentice or Ranger) or Merit Badge is completed, the corresponding NOAA requirement will be marked complete. Percent Complete will not update until the Award has been opened once.
  • Roster
    • An issue that caused some Den or Patrol admins to also appear as a Scout in the Den or Patrol has been fixed.

New Features

  • Login Screen
    • The login screen has been updated to fall back to asking the user to check I am not a Robot if it is unable to verify a real user. Previously the login screen presented a pop-up that asked the user to refresh and try again. By asking the user to check I am not a Robot the behavior where the pop-up could appear multiple times is eliminated.
  • Merit Badge Pocket Certificates
    • Scoutbook now supports printing on both versions of the Merit Badge Pocket Certificate sheets. Select Use SKU #33414 to print on the old pocket certificates with a green and white background or Use SKU #654936 to print on the new pocket certificates with an olive background.
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