September 15, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Adult Search
    • When searching for an adult on the Connections or Adult Leader pages, Scoutbook would not return adults without e-mail addresses in the system. The search has been changed to return these adults in the search. If selected, a message that no e-mail will be sent is presented. This will eliminate some cases of duplicate accounts being created in Scoutbook.
  • Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award
    • An issue that caused the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award to not be shown properly on the Needs Purchasing Report has been fixed.
  • Delete Account
    • The Delete Account feature, that can be used to delete newly created Scoutbook Account has been fixed to work with Apple or Google logins. Previously this feature only worked with BSA credentials.
  • Edit Profile
    • An issue that prevented updated Council and/or Country from being saved in some cases when changed via the Edit Profile page has been fixed.
  • Founder’s bar
    • When the Founder’s bar slider is turned on via the Membership Page, the award will be marked complete so that it appears on the Needs Purchasing and Needs Awarding reports.
    • When the Founder’s bar slider is turned off on the Scout’s membership page, the completion, approval and awarded states will be cleared.

New Features

  • Council User MBC Report
    • The Council User Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) report now includes the last login date for each MBC. This can be used to evaluate if MBCs are using Scoutbook.
  • Merit Badge Counselors
    • An issue that prevented Merit Badge Counselors with a position in the unit from being shown the the unit’s Merit Badge Counselor Search has been fixed.
  • National Honor Patrol Award
    • Scoutbook now supports the National Honor Patrol Award. The award can be found on the Scout’s Awards page.
  • National Outdoor Award Devices
    • Scoutbook now supports devices for the National Outdoor Award
  • Scout Membership
    • An issue that caused some valid Scout Memberships to end with the note “Ended because Temporary Membership has expired.” has been fixed.
  • User Login
    • An issue that prevented some users from logging in to Scoutbook with a newly created ID has been fixed.

Removed Features

  • Secondary E-Mail
    • The Secondary E-Mail address field that was on the screen to invite a new adult to join Scoutbook was not used and has been removed.
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