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April 30, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Board of Review Dates
    • An issue that prevented Board of Review Dates from being cleared on ranks has been fixed. Users will now be able to clear a Board of Review date that was entered by mistake. Board of Review dates and overall completion date for Scouts BSA Rank are now tied together.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Connections
    • An issue that prevented all connection types of Merit Badge Counselors from appearing on both their My Connections page and the individual Scout connection pages has been fixed. Users should now see all of their connection types in both locations.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Listing Preference
    • An issue that prevented some Merit Badge Counselors from setting their Listing Perference to Unit has been corrected. The Merit Badge Counselor will no longer receive an error message if the unit designation is formatted properly.
  • Sea Scout Ships
    • An issue that prevented Sea Scout Ships from using Quick Entry for Scouts BSA advancement has been corrected.
  • Unit Participants (>17 years of age)
    • An issue that caused Unit Participants (Scouts who reached their 18th birthday but were granted an extension) to be removed from Scoutbook rosters has been fixed. The Unit Participants have been restored to their unit rosters. Note: there is an issue with some Unit Participants that are registered as adult leaders in another unit appearing on the youth roster. The developers have been notified.

New Features

  • None
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