March 10, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Payment Log Report
    • Start Date Calendar is no longer hidden under the browser address bar.
    • Blank start and end dates can be left blank to include all dates in the report.
    • An issue that caused some payments associated with events to be displayed incorrectly has been fixed.
    • An issue that caused some payments to be shown in a Scout’s previous unit instead of the unit they applied to has been fixed.
  • Report Builder
    • For Saved Reports, if a Scout is registered in multiple units, the report was being saved with the Scout selected in all units instead of only the unit(s) the user selected. This has been fixed.
    • An issue that caused the wrong rank to be displayed for some dual registered scouts has been fixed. The rank displayed will be that of the selected program when the report is created.
    • An issue that caused some requirements to be omitted from Citizenship in the Nation merit badge when the report is exported to a CSV file has been fixed.
  • Recognition Reports
    • Crew, Pack, Troop and Ship Recognition Reports now properly contain the footnote ledgend.
  • Sea Scout Ranks
    • An issue that prevented Sea Scout ranks from being approved has been fixed.

New Features

  • Payment Log Report
    • A Clear button has been added to clear the date.
    • A Today button sets the date to today’s date.
  • Scouts BSA Ranks
    • Scouts BSA ranks can now be completed without marking Requirement 1 (tenure) complete. Scoutbook will use the completion date of the previous rank and current rank to determine if the tenure requirement has been met.