February 10, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Award Percent Complete
    • An issue that caused the wrong Percent Complete values to be displayed for some Scouts BSA Ranks has been fixed.
  • Arrow of Light
    • An issue that caused Arrow of Light to be auto-completed before all of the requirements were complete has been fixed.
  • Invitation E-mail
    • An issue that caused the link to Scoutbook to be omitted from the invitation e-mail has been fixed.
  • Merit Badge Counselors
    • An issue that prevented some Merit Badge Counselors from setting their Listing Preference to Any Council (Worldwide) has been fixed. To set Listing Preference, MBCs navigate to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Positions → Merit Badge Counselor, select the desired Listing Preference and click Update.
  • Payment Log Report
    • The Payment Log Report has been updated for better presentation of prompt sections on mobile devices.
  • Troop Recognition Report
    • An issue that caused Scouts to sometimes be listed in the wrong patrol when sorted by patrol and their patrol was omitted from the report has been fixed.

New Features

  • 50th Anniversary Environmental Protection Agency Award
    • The 50th Anniversary Environmental Protection Agency Award is now available in Scoutbook. All requirements for this award must be complete by December 31, 2021.
  • Activity Log Report
    • The “Include Adults” option is now turned on by default.
    • The “Long Cruise” option is now turned on for Ships and off for all other units by default.
  • Report Builder
    • Reports can now be pivoted using the “Show Pivoted Presentation” setting.
    • Percent-complete is now reported from pre-calculated database values along with the rest of Scoutbook to ensure consistency.
    • Performance has been improved by about 30%.
  • Unregistered Leader Indicator
    • A warning icon image is added next to the name of any adult on a unit roster whose BSA# in Scoutbook is not registered with the BSA. Adults already registered in another position that requires a Criminal Background Check and Youth Protection Training will not display the icon. These users will be removed from the unit’s roster effective March 1 if they have not been registered.