Archive of sent messages

I know this has be requested before, but it just came up again.

What I am requesting is that we save sent messages, no attachments, and it could even be limited to a certain character count. The burden for the system would be no greater than the text that is included with any event.

The other option is to have a user designated address to send all messages sent to. Not a per message designation, a “all message designation”.

Again, these are requests that meet the concerns of enterprise storage being expensive.

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An alternative that may be workable is to have SB allow you to designate one email address that automatically gets copied on every message, with no option to bypass it. That would transfer the enterprise storage responsibility from SB to the unit, and would be pretty transparent to the users.

Scoutlander does this for YPT compliance, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for archiving email messages.


That would be a fine alternative. It is a needed enough feature that we as a community should be able to come up with a technically ok and financially viable solution. This is a good one.

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There needs to be a unit-manageable mechanism to change this email address, for example in the event of a typo or a need to change providers. If units have to interface to in order to change the email, it would create additional hurdles to adoption, as well as potentially delaying/preventing proper recording of the emails in the event of a loss of access or typographical error.

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True, but it could be an admin-controllable feature to minimize the overhead…


I added this to the backlog. I do not know when or if the BSA will schedule it for development.


Good point. I had assumed Key 3 or K3D, but a designated Unit Admin seems like a simpler approach, and could allow delegation of the technical aspects to the most technically clueful.


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