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Arrow of Light Scout shows up with Webelos progress

This den is an arrow of light den. But it records progress towards the Webelos rank for a new Scout.

Need to be able to advance dens within the Webelos program so It shows the right progress.

@KevinCarlyle - there is no such thing as a AOL den. If only working toward AOL, then edit profile and set the slider to AOL

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I have tried to change how our Pack refers to the second year Webelos from AOLs to “second year Webelos”.

I didn’t know about the slider, but that only exists because it’s simultaneously a two-year program and two one-year programs side by side.

There’s is such a thing as an AoL Den in practical matters even if not on paper.

One of the worst decisions made in the Cub program was to only partially split the Webelos program in two. It should have been a rolling change where the year it happened 4th graders stayed on the old program in 5th grade while the next year went to a true two year program.

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