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Entering Webelos Rank into Scoutbook for Scout Currently working on AOL

My cub scout pack joined Scoutbook late in the game (right before the start of the scouting year this year). The awards and achievements we awarded in June were not transferred over from the old internet advancement system, so I am currently working on entering all that data into Scoutbook.

The cub scouts who were in 4th grade last year and in the Webelos 1 den were awarded the Webelos rank in June, but I am unable to enter that data now due to them being recognized as currently being in the Webelos 2 Den working towards their AOL.
The error message that I get from Scoutbook is as followed:
“Christopher’s profile is set to work toward the Arrow of Light award. The Webelos rank cannot be earned while this setting is active.”

How to I go around this if the scout has already earned some AOL adventure pins?

Please advise how to enter this data. Thank you!

Go into the scout’s profile, scroll down to a toggle marked Working on: Webelos/Arrow of Light (I think. It’s been a while since I’ve had access to a pack). Switch it from Arrow of Light to Webelos. Apply the missing rank, then toggle it back.

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There’s actually no need to toggle it back if they earned Webelos, assuming you enter their adventures, too. One elective will apply toward Web, and the 2nd will apply toward AOL. That’s the only reason for the “working towards” toggle.

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Thank you very much!!
That did the trick. I was able to enter everything and then once I put that Webelos rank was earned, it automatically marked the cub scout as working towards Arrow of Light. =o)

I guess the biggest need was 1). We just wanted to make sure that everything is right and up-to-date on Scoutbook, and 2). Some parents and leaders like to see all the earned achievements and awards on that first page, especially if the cub scouts are looking at them too. =o)

Yes, that’s exactly what I was suggesting. Toggle working towards to Webelos. Enter EVERYTHING. Leave it at Webelos.

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