Den Leader - No Option for Arrow of Light

There seems to be an issue with Scoutbook for the Pack level.
For Webelos, there is only an option for Webelos 1 dens. There should be an option for Arrow of Light or the old Webelos 2 name. There seems to be no way to designate a den for that level or for the den leader, so I have multiple Webelos 1 dens.
When can this be fixed?

This is not an issue - the Webelos Program is designed to be around 18 months. They are Webelos the whole time.

They are Webelos, but not Webelos 1, which is what is shown. If the answer is not to have 2 levels for Webelos, fine, then change the name to Webelos, not Webelos 1.

FYI, I believe when I setup the leaders last year, there was only Webelos, so something was changed to make it Webelos 1.Capture

We agree the Webelos I indication is a bug and there is an item in the backlog to change it to Webelos. Since it is not a functional bug, it has not been given high priority but it should be a quick fix so I’ll try to get it scheduled.

Thanks! Glad to hear it is on the radar. Even though some of these things seem minor, they cause confusion and lots of questions. Keep up the good work.

Webelos registration v.s. Webelos program

Webelos is the program. Registered members are:

  • Member (M) is a youth
  • Den Leader (DL) is an adult
  • Webelos Leader - I need to check on this one. My understanding is that all Webelos den leaders are now “den leader”.

The Webelos Den Leader Guide (37003, 2018 printing) has the following chapters:

  • The Webelos Adventure Den Meeting Plans (pp. 33-76)
  • The Arrow of Light Adventure Den Meeting Plans (pp. 77-118)

The Webelos program advancement trail can be 18 months long and can have 3 types of dens for Webelos Scouts. (This applies to the youth program, not adult volunteer leader registration.)

  • Webelos Scout grade 4 - new
  • Webelos Scout grade 5 - continuing from grade 4 Webelos program
  • Webelos Scout grade 5 - new

Posted; 2019-09-10

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