Arrowhead progress record forms updates?

It looks like the Arrowhead progress records have been recently (at least to me) updated and several commissioner roles were combined. Does anyone know when this change took place?

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There was a FB post that discussed this consolidation.

I don’t recall, but it would be good if commissioners followed the good lead by the BSA to version control their forms with the month and date of their issue.

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I hear you and asked for that years ago.

Completely understand and agree.

It would be good.

The discussion lead to “It’s yet another, can you, for the web master volunteer to” when they post the file. I disagreed in that putting the date on the form before it’s submitted to the web team is the responsibility of the content creator/approver.

It then went down the CRM rabbit hole.

I bowed and said thank you and moved on. I can use created on date with most documents in the properties of the file to leverage that, when I have that question.


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Hi @RichardFriesner,

I know not everyone is on Facebook (contrary to the reporting of the masses), so here is a copy of the post from November 5th (2022) concerning the updating of Commisioner awards (and for others to find that may not subscribe to Facebook):

While being a commissioner yields no better reward than to watch the program work, preparing our youth to become good young adults, we also have an important awards program to help train, motivate, and retain our commissioners.

We have some changes to our commissioner awards:

The awards were updated to reflect the idea that commissioners should work collaboratively with unit leaders to deliver a high quality program that attracts and retains youth and leaders. The culture statement Be the Heart • Build Relationships • Change Lives is integrated into the requirements, recognizing that relationship building is fundamental to unit success.

Commissioner Arrowhead – integrated assistant positions into the same pdf (DC/ADC, CC/ACC, etc.) since the requirements and expectations were similar. Once the award is earned at any level, it can continue to be worn on the commissioner’s uniform.

Commissioner’s Key – has been simplified to 1 form regardless of position.

Commissioner Award of Excellence – this is the most significant change. This award is accessible to more commissioners, encourages an ongoing relationship with the units, requires developing a Unit Service Plan with the unit and relies on commissioner’s efforts with the unit rather than JTE scores.

I hope this helps inform Commissioners.

This type of update would be great for the commissioner newsletter if it wasn’t in there. I don’t recall.

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