Recording and Updating the Arrowhead Honor Award

I know that there has been a discussion concerning the progress record for the Arrowhead Honor Award, but my question here is about recording the award. First, is it formally entered into the Scouter’s records by the Registrar? And second, as Commissioners change positions and meet the requirements for a different Arrowhead (e.g., a change from Unit Commissioner to ADC), is that noted anywhere or is it one Arrowhead per Scouting “career”?

Scoutbook does not support adult awards. I don’t know if it is decided by registrars in the Scouter’s official record.

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Unfortunately, this is an area where I don’t have a lot of expertise. I wasn’t assuming Scoutbook, but I believe awards are tracked for adults–I just don’t know how, or what is included. That’s the piece in which I’m interested.

Adult awards are sometimes tracked depending on Council and Registrars time is the simplest answer


This reply may sound a little snarky, but please don’t take it that way. Scouting tends to have a formalized process for just about everything. This sounds more informal than most other Scouting actions, which just surprises me. With all the structure around how awards are earned, there isn’t a process in place to give credit under the individual Scouter’s ID Number? That just seems so odd. Again, not questioning your response, but I’m really surprised that it would be this informal. Thanks for the feedback.

Well no there are processes and applications which in theory are reviewed and verified. But once awarded it is RARE for the Item to be entered into the Scouters Record. I know a Silver Buffalo, and only their buffalo is entered in their record, not their Beaver, Antelope, or TONS of other awards. And a Scouter would almost never know they were not entered as there is no way (that I am aware of) of seeing them as a user.

Thank you for the feedback.

@LeeDoty - i have yet to understand the BSA scouter and the obsession with adult awards.

It’s not necessarily about an “obsession” with adult awards. If you look at most of the awards that Scouters earn, they are focused on training and service to youth. It seems like a good approach to give Scouters a path toward being better trained, and if they are doing it to also earn something, that doesn’t seem to hurt. If a Scouter doesn’t wish to wear the award, that’s fine, but I would suggest that there is an incentive for many Scouters to complete certain training based on a simple recognition. This is not just an opinion, but has been empirically shown to be effective in any number of environments. People respond to recognition.

There is a way to see adult awards at my.scouting:

  1. On the Roster page, check the box to select one individual.
  2. Click: Print → Unit Advancement Details Report
  3. Scroll down to the Awards section.

Awards can be entered by local councils using the Registrar Tools.

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Thank you for the information.

I have a theory, based on observation but not data.
I see a trend that if an adult has the knot that has the cord made of red, white, and blue they tend to not have many knots. Many of those who never earned that one seem to compensate by getting as many of the other knots as possible.

@DavidSchilpp - my observation as well and for those with 15 thousand knots they are not folks of the nicest kind.

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