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ASMs must have permission to mark attendance

What is the rationale against this? The work around is to give them each a Committee Secretary position, but that is stupid.

There are not many disagreeing with you. Scoutbook was originally written by a volunteer for his Cub Pack and then rolled into his Troop. There are some holdover concepts that were built around the Pack that have never quite been worked out. You may notice the Calendar module still has the original Beta designation. BSA knows the Event Calendar module is in need of a major upgrade but they always have other pressing needs with a slightly higher priority.

Please remember “A Scout is kind” when commenting…

With that said, ASMs shouldn’t be taking attendance at meetings. That’s a youth leadership task, and I think the correct youth leadership positions have the ability to take attendance via the Scouting app.

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Hi Steve, that is very a good point and I will pass it on.
I’d hate for anyone to think I’m not kind :sleeping:
If you read closely, I was calling my own idea for the work-around stupid…

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@DavidSavage - I would recommend that they check the duties of the Scribe.

The ability to add events to the calendar or take attendance is tied to certain positions / roles in Scoutbook:

  • unit Key 3 (unit leader, Committee Chair, Chartered Org. Rep.)
  • unit Admins
  • Secretary
  • Outdoor Activities Coordinator
  • Patrol Admin / Den Admin [patrol / den calendar only]

We have requested that they separate the ability to access the calendar so that units can assign this ability to any leader / Scout, but we do not know when this might happen. Scouts in some leadership positions can take attendance using the Scouting mobile app.

@Stephen_Hornak Scribes can’t do that in Scoutbook.

@Matt.Johnson - yes indeed within scoutbook natively you are correct. Now personally I do not like working around what exists but I do hear rumors that the scouting app may allow the scribe tribe to fulfill its task.

Scribes can do that from the app.

Yes you are correct. I’ve just tested and confirmed. When a Scribe leadership position is active for a scout, they can use the Scouting app to take attendance for an event - for the ENTIRE troop… Even though the scout is Scribe for only one patrol. This is not a good idea for 12 year boys to have unfiltered data access. Ugh

KThe troop should also have a troop scribe. That would be the scribe of the PLC. They could be the ones to take attendance.

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