Scout taking attendance broken?

Our SPL, nor our Scribe, can take attendance in scoutbook even though they have the calendar editor role. The Scribe also can’t take attendance in scouting.

I went it and “resaved” their role. Still no luck.


Can you clarify. Can neither your SPL nor Scribe take attendance?

I think they could before. For sure the scribe could in Scouting. Neither can in Scoutbook.

I guess I am asking is what is the design? I thought they were supposed to be able to. They can’t right now with Calendar Editor Role.

Is this broken for others? Can your scouts take attendance?

Attendance taken for youth is in the Scouting App not Scoutbook

That was one of my root questions. I thought that ability was added for youth when the “Calendar Editor” role was added for youth. Was it?

I should have done my homework better! I haven’t had to search the “Scoutbook Change Log” until now.

This feature WAS added as part of “Calendar Editor”. It is broken, at least for 2 Scouts in my troop.

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