Assigning a Den Chief to a Tiger Den

I’m a Scoutmaster and work with our Pack to provide Den Chiefs for all their Dens, except Lions. Ever since Scoutbook was updated to allow the attachment of Den Chiefs to a Den, it does not allow a Den Chief to be assigned to the Tiger Den. I’ve asked this question in the past and I was told that BSA thinks the Tiger Den doesn’t need a Den Chief because of the level of parental involvement. My thought based on a lot of experience working with Den Chiefs over the years is that having a Den Chief at Tiger is the most important one because that’s the Den that may need the greatest level of crowd control and having a Scout there closer in age can help get things under control. I get it for Lions because of the level of parental involvement but not for Tiger. We continue to provide Den Chiefs to our Tiger Den, but I just can’t link them, which creates problems when the Den Leader forgets to add them into message from the overall roster. I would love for Scoutbook to fix this issue so that I can attach the Den Chief to the Tiger Den. I’ve pushed this question through the Forum in the past as well as contacted my Council and it goes nowhere and I don’t get any reasons for it. Feedback is a gift, it truly is! Getting no response it not the way to handle feedback, so please make contact with me to let me know how to get this fixed.


BSA IT must follow BSA policy which currently says Tiger Dens do not have Den Chiefs. You will need to work through your Council Professional Staff to have BSA policy changed. If the policy is changed, Scoutbook can be updated to support Den Chiefs for Tiger Dens.

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